What one should do: Travel all the way around Europe’s coasts. Not with the finger on the map. For real. With a car, always along the coastline. A nice starting point could be Istanbul for example and from there, one could simply drive clockwise along the shore all the way up to Murmansk, with a little detour around Great Britain and Ireland. Then a quick trip half around the Black Sea, now counterclockwise back to the Bosphorus to finish things up. And after that, if one still has the itch, there are all the other European islands (Corsica, Iceland, Malta, Svalbard, Crete and so on) to take care of.

Well, I have now embarked on this journey – and pictures of it will be posted every other day here:


Reit im Winkl, Germany

The village Reit im Winkl is located deep in the south of Bavaria near the German/Austrian border. In winter there is usually lots of snow and tourists, but I managed to cope with that. I stayed only for one hour during lunch time and I was slightly hungry, so that could explain why I took so many pictures of restaurants…


Charles - Awesome work. Love the winter lighting.

Olivier Rault - Eine schöne Serie von Fotos, ein herrliches Dorf, ich liebe.
Meine Stimme für Sie coolphotoblogs ;)

Olympiapark Munich

I waited in Munich for the sun to go down. I wanted to take some night-shots of the BMW Museum (but then, of course, it started to rain heavily the minute the sun went down). But I used the time before sunset and took some pictures of the pavilion-roof construction at the Olympiapark. The acrylic glass roof (built for the 1972 Summer Olympics) covers an impressive area of almost 75000 m² and is supported by 58 steel masts.

Maybe I’ll come back with a little more time to explore the rest of the area. But the weather forecast makes me wonder if that will happen anytime soon…


Charles - Love the first shot with the reflection. Great stuff.

Olivier Rault - Sehr geometrischen und Kunst, dieses ausgezeichnete !

Jan Duran - I love Munchen, and photos are great, very interesting point of view