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Ghost Town

Bodie is a gold mining ghost town in California, USA, located in the eastern Sierras at an elevation of 8380 feet (2550 m). It prospered from 1865-1890. Back then Bodie had the reputation of being one of the most furious, violent and lawless towns in the West.

What’s left today stands in a state of “arrested decay” and is maintained as a National Historic Landmark by the Bodie Foundation.

If you like to visit Bodie, be aware that it can be very cold and windy up there. I went there in the first week of June and froze my ass off.


Indi - my favorite ghost town is Tortia Flats AZ! It has the most beuiatful lake and if you keep driving youll get to this little bar with the most amazing hamburgers and everyone who goes there wrights their name on a dollar bill and they tape it to the walls so all of the walls are covered in 1 dollar bills. and make sure to go to the ice cream shop next door and get prickly pair ice cream! yummy!

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