LENSLOG » Photographs by Michael Backes

Introducing coastlog.net

What one should do: Travel all the way around Europe’s coasts. Not with the finger on the map. For real. With a car, always along the coastline. A nice starting point could be Istanbul for example and from there, one could simply drive clockwise along the shore all the way up to Murmansk, with a little detour around Great Britain and Ireland. Then a quick trip half around the Black Sea, now counterclockwise back to the Bosphorus to finish things up. And after that, if one still has the itch, there are all the other European islands (Corsica, Iceland, Malta, Svalbard, Crete and so on) to take care of.

Well, I have now embarked on this journey – and pictures of it will be posted every other day here: coastlog.net


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